The world of felts is multidimensional, with hundreds of products and items found in our selection. Your own needs may be crystal clear to you, but turning the necessary properties into raw material ratios, densities, thicknesses and perhaps even resins may seem complicated, if not overwhelming. Contact us and let us help you.

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Material choices have been made, plans are ready – only implementation is needed. Choose our cutting service and make your plans true.

Koskenpää Huopatehdas has decades of experience in customizing felt for customers’ needs. The designers and the furniture are always finished with luminaires and upholstery elements in cooperation with designers.

We cut the felts into circles, triangles, squares or even strips. Our supplier network also guarantees reliable deliveries of complex and highly detailed cutting plans. You decide on the shape – we do it.


Koskenpää Huopatehdas offers the opportunity to use a knitting machine. The needlework service is especially popular with craftsmen as it speeds up the process of felting on large felting work. The knitting service includes the machine work and the knitting expert of the felt factory. Unleash your hands for refining details and for new designs!

Cost: 89 € / h (+ VAT)

Date: commonly agreed, usually between 7.30 and 14.30