Feel the felt – #feltinspired

The woolen felt as an interior material brings the idea of ​​warmth, tranquility and natural aesthetics. This down to earth material is all this, but it is also much more. Few content material is as versatile as felt. The wool felt can be used as a material for various decorations, but equally different types of wall elements, carpets, headboards or even seats are made of wool.

The felt may be made of wool but also of synthetic fibers or mixtures thereof. Mostly, wool felt is preferred for interior use, but depending on the application, colored polypropylene blankets are also a viable option.

The high quality level of woolen felt and especially colored design felt provides opportunities for the use of felt in a wide variety of applications.

Felt can also be used in minimalist implementations to soften or reinforce the desired style, or it can be selected as a color blur to complement the strong entities.

From the felt you can produce:

  • wall textiles, curtains
  • seats, bayonets
  • rugs
  • serms, space dividers
  • containers
  • individual decorations: handles, coasters, tablecloths

The strong sides of the wool felt include its versatility, which can be used not only as a normal textile alternative, but also in a variety of three-dimensional models. Felt rigidity and thickness alternatives give wings to creativity. The felt can also be cut in a variety of ways and can be combined with other materials. The felt can also be sewn, glued or braided into a variety of products.

The special characteristics of the wool felt include its ability to absorb and release moisture. The woolen cloth as a room textile will also equalize the room’s moisture differences. The wool felt also tolerates high temperatures and is naturally highly flame-retardant material: wool does not maintain fire, does not burn and does not release toxic combustion gases when burning. The wool felt is also a biodegradable material.

Felt is also sound-absorbing.

Make your design come true.

We at Koskenpää Huopatehdas have been helping designers with material alternatives for several decades. Over the years, the felt has been produced into a variety of products.

Whether it is product design, manufacturing or individual item implementation, we are at your service. The Felt Factory is a flexible and solution-oriented business partner.