When you are looking for a felt material, but the wool blanket is too fine and has a high cost, your choice is synthetic blanket.


The SPP collection is an alternative when looking for a lightweight fairy tale, a temporary or durable platform, a decent car upholstery material, or a lightweight silencing material that can withstand the test.

The colored synthetic blanket is perfect for the upholstery of the boat, the wall screens, and the display boards or the showcase composition. It is also possible to obtain a synthetic felt as an additional service on the adhesive label, which ensures a more permanent attachment. Synthetic felt on the SPP collection also has good light resistance (h5: scale 1-8).

It is also possible to use a velcro fastener (fabric label) for a synthetic felt. This keeps the felt in place, but also allows the felt to be removed and re-attached.

Schools and office environments: Notice boards, partitions
Entry: Business premises (e.g., show windows, floor surfaces)
Structures and furnishings for shops and businesses: For example, fairs and showcases. Installation with adhesive label fastening is quick and easy.
Cars: Upholstery and soundproofing material
Animal skins, Trophies: Backing Material

The color chart offers cheerful and traditional options. SPP blankets are 100% polypropylene.
There have been changes in the color ranges.

Available colors:
Dark gray
Medium gray
Light gray
Graphite Gray (Black)

Out of stock colors:
Bright blue
Green (Note: green felt is slightly lighter)
Excluded from selection:
Navy blue

Synthetic SPP felt

Technical information

Fiber material 100 % polypropylene
Width 2100 mm
Weight (DIN 53 854) 330 g/m²
Thickness (DIN 53 855) 2,5 mm
Length max 50 meters in the roll
Wear test (DIN 53 528) Weight loss <0,5 %
Construction material class (DIN 4102) B2 attached to a non-combustible surface
Fade resistance Good – 5 (scale 1-8)
Delivery time Mostly directly from stock
(new batches about 4 weeks)

Spp collection felts

FY-PES Collection

FY-PES collection felts are an alternative to design wool felts and are suitable for a variety of interior decoration products and accessories. The smooth and soft surface of the felt gives a high-quality impression and the low weight allows for different shapes. If you want a tougher wear resistance, you should choose the SPP collection.

Available colors are available in the album from this link.
The collection is new and more colors will be added slowly.

Technical information

Fiber material 100 % polyester
Width 3 mm = 1 000 mm
5 mm = 900 mm
Square weight and thickness (+/- 10%): 500 g/m² = 3 mm
800 g/m² = 5 mm
Length max 20 meters in the roll
Care instructions:
Washing 30 ℃ gentle washing
Ironing max 110 ℃ (low temperature)
Fade resistance Good