The S-Collection’s dirt and moisture repellent treatment helps to keep the material clean. Moreover the dense surface of wool felt is naturally moisture repellent. Should the felt get severally stained, chemical wash is the most appropriate cleaning method. For those felts that machine wash is allowed, it is recommended  to try gentle wash first, depending on the difficulty of the stain. Also some high quality steam washers might do the trick.

Light stain or dirt can be wiped with a wet cloth, whereas dry dirt can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner ( like dust/coloured pencil/ chalk). Gentle vacuuming is in general a suitable cleaning method for felts.

When the felt is placed somewhere  where it might be submitted to pilling, these pills can be removed by hand, scissors or using a specific machine for this purpose. Also a Kashmir comb will work.

A good way to take care of felt is to air it outside, where possible. Normal textile protection sprays can also be used, but it is recommended to first test its suitability by spraying it to an unnoticeable spot.



Washing 30 ℃ gentle washing

Ironing max 110 ℃ (low heat)